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About the Owner & Founder of Thai-Issan Massage Academy

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The drive we have for excellence and high standards originates from our CEO and founder, Sathiporn “Jennifer” Songsorn. From an early age, she found her calling in massage therapy in the wake of a family tragedy.

After her eldest brother suffered a serious arm injury that required amputation, Jennifer sought an alternative. She massaged her brother’s arm every day for six months. With her determination and increasing knowledge of massage therapy techniques, amazingly her brother regained the use of his arm, despite opposing opinions from doctors.

In 1996, Jennifer enrolled at Wat Pho, the world famous Thai Massage Therapy Academy, in Bangkok, Thailand, where she expanded her knowledge of Traditional Thai massage. Jennifer eventually traveled to the U.S., where she worked numerous jobs to raise money to create her own establishment: Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage in September 2006. Through this establishment, she trained countless Thai Massage Therapists in Hawaii. Due to her large following, she opened Thai-Issan Massage Academy on February 1, 2014.



About Thai-Issan Massage Academy

Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage, LLC, is the parent company that started it all. Operating first as a spa and treatment center since 2006, it developed into a training center. By achieving the necessary education credentials with the idea of helping others through the art of massage, Thai-Issan Massage Academy was born.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist in Hawaii, or if you are already licensed and want to learn any of our advanced modalities of massage therapy, such as Traditional Thai massage, Thai-Issan Massage Academy is the school to attend. Call us at (808) 593-8866 for more information.

To date, Thai-Issan Massage Academy is the only Thai-owned massage school in Honolulu that also emphasizes the teaching of Traditional Thai massage techniques. Thai-Issan Massage Academy is a unique and special place for everyone to come and learn the art of healing through massage.

…With a Touch of Thailand

The owner of Thai-Issan Massage Academy in Honolulu, HI is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Owner, Sathiporn Songsorn, is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association
Member ID: 196263